School Report Card

The St. John-Endicott Cooperative Schools are dedicated to the success of all of our students.  Our staff is committed to ensuring that each student has every opportunity to reach their full potential and focuses on the State’s learning standards to achieve this.  Every year students in grade 3-10 are assessed using the State’s approved assessment system.  Washington State provides assessment data for each of our schools and districts.  

The information can be accessed at:  

Search for "Endicott School District" or "St. John School District" to view our schools. 

By following this web-address, you will find achievement data, participation rates, AYP summary data, teacher qualifications, information regarding the NAEP assessment, and other pertinent student and district related material.  If you would like more information regarding the School Report Card please contact the building principals or the school counselor.  If you do not have access to the internet or are not able to access these links, please come into the school office and you will be provided with a printed copy of this information.