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7 months ago



    • I do not receive every scholarship available, but I will post all scholarships in which I receive.
    • Check out the links below for helpful scholarship search websites.
  • Need to Know Information
    • School Code: 481035


      • I will have a Financial Aid Parent Meeting before January 1st. Be on the lookout for further info.
      • Beginning January 1st
        • All senior students' families apply for the Free Application of Federal Student Aid.
    • Washington Financial Aid Association
      • Financial aid professionals working at colleges and universities in the state of Washington. Mission: help students access federal, state, institutional, and local financial resources in order to make attending college affordable, regardless of your financial resources. We want you to know that your decision to attend college need NOT be based on your ability to pay for it. We hope the information provided will assist you in planning for and making college affordable, espcially if you choose to continue your education at a Washington College or University!!
    • FAFSA4caster
      • Providing you with an early estimate of your eligibility for federal student aid.
      • Allows you to transfer all of your FAFSA4caster data to FAFSA on the web once you are ready to apply for aid.
      • Increases your knowledge of the financial aid process, and providing information about other sources of aid.


  • Helpful websites
      • A free, web-based, nonprofit scholarship clearinghouse for Washington students seeking college scholarships
      • Offers parents and students key facts about preparing, applying, and paying for college or university.


Washington State College Connections

7 months ago

  • Admissions: Check out on line the admission standards in Washington state as set up by the HEC Board. Includes: Freshman admission, core subject requirements, alternative admission, and FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).

  • Think College Early: A web site of the U.S. Department of Education with many links and tips to help younger students begin planning for college. A great place for young parents to start with their research.