SJE Board Policy 5281 — Personnel

Disciplinary Action And Discharge


Staff who fail to fulfill their job responsibilities or follow the reasonable directions of their administrators or who conduct themselves on or off the job in ways that significantly affect their effectiveness on the job or in such other ways that the law determines to be sufficient cause shall be subject to discipline. Behavior, conduct or action which may institute disciplinary action or discharge may include, but is not limited to:

Insubordination, gross incompetence, immorality, conviction of a felony, nonprofessional conduct, mental or physical inability to perform the duties for which employed, intemperance, intentional discrimination, vulgar speech or actions, use of habit-forming drugs without pharmaceutical prescription by a doctor of medicine licensed to practice in the state of Washington, use of alcoholic beverages on school premises or at a school-sponsored activity off the school premises, and use of district supplies and equipment for personal betterment or financial gain.

Discipline shall be reasonably appropriate to the circumstances but may include suspension or discharge. In the event that allegations or charges are made against a staff member for misconduct with minors, the superintendent may contact the child protective services central registry for evidence regarding the staff member as an adjudicated or admitted perpetrator of child abuse or neglect. Discharge or other adverse action affecting the contract status of certificated staff shall be instituted by the superintendent in the manner prescribed by law. When the district or superintendent discharges, fails to renew the contract or permits a certificated staff member to resign, the superintendent shall notify the state board of education of such termination of employment.

The superintendent is authorized to suspend a provisional status classified staff member immediately. Provisional status as used herein is granted to a classified staff member for the first 12 months of employment. Thereafter, if performance has been acceptable, the classified staff member shall be granted regular status.

The superintendent is authorized to suspend a regular status classified staff member immediately. The staff member shall be advised of the right to request an informal pretermination meeting within five (5) working days following notice. At such time the staff member may receive notice of the charges against him/her, an explanation of the evidence, and an opportunity to refute any of the charges made.

Upon the request of the suspended staff member, the board shall meet with the suspended staff member to determine if discharge action shall be taken. If a request is not received, the board shall act upon the recommendation of the superintendent.


Cross References:

(cf. 5006 Unprofessional Conduct)

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Adoption Date: 4-23-01

St. John — Endicott Cooperative Schools