SJE Board Policy 5000 – Personnel



Recruitment and Selection of Staff



Vision: Staff are recruited and selected to assure that students grow and meet their full potential in district programs.  Staff is highly effective, and have the necessary skills and experience to meet the learning needs of all students.  The district works with teacher preparation programs, communicating the teaching skills, competencies, and experiences it considers of primary importance in its staff, and providing field experiences designed to train teachers to be able to improve student learning.  Decisions about hiring, assigning, or transferring staff are based on maximizing the effectiveness of that staff member within the districts’ programs. 


Structure: Staff positions are established by the respective boards to provide the districts' comprehensive program of education.  The superintendent establishes the necessary skills, competencies, qualifications, education, experience, and past performance levels for each position, as it relates to the districts’ comprehensive program of education, and the goal of continued improvement in student learning.  Selection of staff is based on which candidate is the most qualified for the position, and is made pursuant to the district’s standard posting, screening, interview and reference check process, as well as equity requirements.  Before any new position is established or funded, the superintendent will present to the board a rationale including an initial job description, and the purpose and reason for the position.


Accountability: Positions are created within budget parameters, and legal requirements.  Part of the district's planning processes must analyze current and projected staffing requirements.  The filling of individual positions is done with consideration to salary issues, budget parameters, time constraints, short-term/long-term needs, and legal requirements.  The superintendent is expected to establish a process for advertising, interviewing and selecting candidates that best serves the interests of the districts.


Advocacy: The boards and districts regularly communicate to staff, professional associations, employee bargaining units, teacher and professional preparation programs in higher education, students, parents, and the larger community the districts’ commitment to hiring those people best prepared and able to improve student achievement.



Cross References:

(cf. 5005  Employment: Disclosures, Certification Requirements, Assurances and Approval)

(cf. 5610  Substitute Employment)


Legal References:

RCW 28A.400.300  Hiring and discharging employees--Leaves for employees--Seniority and leave benefits, retention upon transfers between schools

RCW 28A.405.210  Conditions and contracts of employment--Determination of probable cause for non-renewal of contracts--Notice--Opportunity for hearing

RCW 43.43.830  Background checks -- Access to children or vulnerable persons

RCW 43.43.832  Background checks--Disclosure of child abuse

WAC 162-12  Preemployment Inquiry Guide (Human Rights Commission)

AGO 62155.00 - No. 155 - 1961-62 Expenses of Applicants

8 USC 1324a and 1324b  (IRCA)  Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986




Adoption Date:   10/24/05

St. John – Endicott Cooperative Schools