SJE Board Policy 4040 - Community Relations

Administrative Procedure

Public Access to District Records

The following procedures shall be used to carry out the district's policy regarding public access to district records:

Public Records Custodian. At each facility where district records are kept, the superintendent's designee shall serve as public records custodian who shall be responsible for the maintenance of district records in accordance with district policy. The custodian shall permit access to, and copying of, district records by the public with authorization from the superintendent who is the public records coordinator. The public records custodian shall have available:

A. Descriptions or statements of the general course and method by which the district operates (Board Policies);

B. Descriptions of how, where and from which employees and the public can obtain information and copies of public records (this policy and procedure); and

C. Descriptions or statements of all formal and informal district procedures;

Requests for Inspection and Copying. Upon written request, the district shall make available to any person for inspection and copying any record or records not exempted by district policy.

A written request for inspection and/or copying of records may include:

A. Name, address, and signature of the party requesting disclosure and the date of request;

B. Specification of the records or types of records requested; and

C. A statement of the intended use of requested documents if lists of individuals are included. The district shall not deny a request solely due to refusal to furnish a reason for the request.

Written requests for inspection and/or copying of records shall be made to the superintendent.

Written requests shall be made and records shall be available for inspection and copying during the customary business hours.

A response to each written request for inspection and copying of district records shall be provided within five business days. The district may respond by providing the requested record denying the request, or acknowledging receipt of the request and providing a reasonable estimate of the time the district will require to respond. Any denial of a request shall contain an explanation of the denial.

The record's custodian shall have authority to impose reasonable conditions on the manner of inspection of records so as to minimize the risks of damage or disorganization of the records and to prevent excessive interference with other essential operations of the district.



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