SJE Board Policy 4235 &emdash; Community Relations

Public Performances

The board recognizes the scholastic and social values that may be derived from student participation in various activities sponsored by community organizations.

Students may perform as a representative of the district, any school or other organization of the district subject to the approval of the principal. Permission and approval to perform as a representative of the school or district shall be contingent upon the principal's determination that such participation is in the best interests of the student, school and district.

The activity, program, performance or contest under consideration shall have educational value consistent with the goals and objectives of the district. Participation shall not result in exploitation of or liability to the student, school or district. Students shall not receive any remuneration for performing as representatives of the school or district.


Cross Reference:

(cf. 4230 Contacts with Students)



Adoption Date: 12-18-00

St. John - Endicott Cooperative Schools