SJE Board Policy 3510 - Students

Administrative Procedure



The ASBs in the schools of the district shall operate within the following guidelines:


A. ASBs are mandatory in grades 7 through 12 whenever students engage in money raising activities with the approval and under the supervision of the district. ASBs are not mandatory at the elementary level (K-6). However, any money raised with the approval and under the supervision of the district must be administered in the same way as ASB money. The school principal is delegated to act as the ASB for K-6 school buildings.

B. The school board has authority over ASBs. ASBs are subject to the same laws as the district, including accounting procedures, budgets and warrants.

Financial Operations

A. The district must have an ASB program fund budget approved by the school board.

B. All ASB money is accounted for, spent, invested and budgeted the same way as other public money.

C. Disbursements may be made either by warrant, imprest bank accounts or petty cash funds.

D. ASB purchases in excess of $15,000 must comply with state bid procedure.

E. All property acquired with ASB moneys becomes property of the school district.

F. Those portions of ASB moneys which constitute bona fide voluntary donations, and are identified as donations at the time of collection may be expended as gifts or grants for charitable or scholarship purposes, including student exchange programs.

G. Purposes that directly further or support the school district's educational program--both curricular and extracurricular--are suitable use for ASB funds.

H. ASB funds may not be used for gifts to individuals for private benefit; however, canned food collections, gifts to the needy or supporting an exchange student are allowed.

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