SJE Board Policy 3413 - Students

Administrative Procedure


Student Immunization and Life Threatening Health Conditions



Certificate of Immunization


Immediately upon enrollment in the district a Certificate of Immunization Status (CIS), distributed by the Washington Department of Health, will be completed by the student's parent. The certificate will be made a part of the student's permanent record.


If, by the studentŐs first day of enrollment, a student does not have documentation for receipt of any or all of the required immunizations, he/she will submit evidence of the initiation of an immunization schedule and will be placed in a Ňconditional admittanceÓ status. Students may attend under conditional status for a limited time. The parent or guardian must provide, within thirty (30) days of the studentŐs first day of attendance, any missing immunization(s) and/or provide documentation needed to complete the CIS. If a student needs additional doses to complete a vaccine series, he/she will remain in conditional admittance status for a maximum of thirty (30) days after the next dose is due until the series is complete. Failure to submit documentation within these timelines will be sufficient cause to exclude the student from school.


Exemptions from Immunization


Any and all exemptions will be processed and recorded on a Certificate of Exemption (COE) as provided by the Washington Department of Health.


Exemptions from one or more vaccines will be granted for medical reason upon certification by a physician that there is a medical reason for not administering the vaccine.


Exemptions for personal or religious reasons will be granted upon request of the parent or legal guardian. To request an exemption, a parent or guardian must submit a signed COE that the parent/guardian has either a philosophical, personal, or religious objection to the immunization of the child. Forms must include a statement to be signed by a health care practitioner stating that he or she provided the parent/guardian with information about the benefits and risks of immunization to the child. The form may be signed by a health care practitioner at any time prior to the enrollment of the child in a school or licensed day care. Photocopies of the signed form or a letter from the health care practitioner will be accepted in lieu of the original form.


Any parent or legal guardian of the child who exempts the child due to religious beliefs is not required to have a COE signed by a health care practitioner if the parent or legal guardian demonstrates on the COE membership in a religious body or a church in which the religious beliefs or teachings of the church preclude a health care practitioner from providing medical treatment to the child.


The permanent file of students with exemptions will be marked for easy identification should the local department of health order that exempted students be excluded from school temporarily during an outbreak or an epidemic.


If a certificate of exemption is not received upon the student's enrollment in school, the principal will provide written notice to the parents or guardians informing them of:


1.         The immunization requirements;

            2.         The potential denial of attendance by the student if any missing immunization(s) and/or documentation needed to complete the CIS are not provided within thirty (30) calendar days of the studentŐs first day of attendance;

3.         The procedural due process rights; and

            4.         The immunization services that are available.


Exclusion from School


Following proper notification, the school will exclude the student for noncompliance with the immunization laws pursuant to the appeal process procedures for student expulsions (Policy 3241). Parents have a right to a hearing, provided they notify the school within three (3) days after receiving the exclusion order from the school principal. If the parent requests a hearing, the parent or guardian and school principal will be notified in writing of the time and place for the hearing and will present the case to a hearing officer appointed by the superintendent.



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