SJE Board Policy 3242 - Students

Administrative Procedure


Closed Campus


Students are expected to remain on school grounds from time of arrival until the close of school unless officially excused. 




The following are valid reasons to be excused from school during the school day.


A.        Participation in a School Approved Activity

Students may be excused to leave the school grounds for a school sponsored activity.  To do this, a student must have written permission from the staff member responsible for the activity and each student must sign out at the office before they leave and sign back into school at the office when they return.  Group departures such as athletic teams or other student groups that have direct staff supervision do not require a student to sign out at the office.   Office notification when a staff supervised group leaves the school grounds is expected.


B.        Parent Request

A student may be released from school for a medical or dental appointment, family emergencies, religious activities or for other reasonable requests by a studentÕs parent.  Unless there are extenuating circumstances, the parent is expected to come to school and sign out their student or provide the school office a signed written note no later than the morning of the absence explaining why their student is to be released from school.  Those students who do not have parental oversight (older than eighteen, homeless, emancipated, etc.) may be released from school with the approval of the principal or his/her designee. When, in the professional judgment of the principal, it is determined that the parental request is not supportive of their studentÕs academic responsibilities the absence will be recorded as unexcused.


     C.  Principal Approved

The principal or his/her designee may release a student during the school day for reasons deemed to be appropriate and/or in the best interest of the student(s) and the fulfillment of their educational responsibilities.


It is the intent of this policy that students should eat lunch at school either by bringing a lunch from home or by purchasing a school provided lunch.  In most cases, the purchasing of lunches from outside sources for delivery during the lunch period will be considered disruptive and is not allowed.


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