SJE Board Policy 3224 - Students

Administrative Procedure

Student Dress 

The student and parent may determine the student's personal dress and grooming standards, provided that the student's dress and grooming shall not:

A. Lead school officials to reasonably believe that such dress or grooming shall disrupt, interfere with, disturb, or detract from the school environment or activity and/or educational objectives.

B. Create a health or other hazard to the student's safety or to the safety of others.

C. Create an atmosphere in which a student, staff, or other person's well-being is hindered by undue pressure, behavior, intimidation, overt gesture or threat of violence; or

D. Imply gang membership or affiliation by written communication, marks, drawing, painting, design, emblem upon any school or personal property or one's person.

The Cooperative Schools strive to present an atmosphere where all students feel safe and show pride in themselves and others. Students are expected to dress appropriately at all school functions/activities. Any unusual dress or grooming that causes disruption of the school program, is unclean, presents a safety hazard and/or is indecent is considered unsuitable and will not be allowed. As a general guide, the following parameters are to be followed:

  • Shirts/tops cover the tops of the shoulders (four finger rule).
  • Shirts/tops must be able to cover mid-body area throughout normal activities (raised arm rule).
  • No clothing should be tight or revealing.
  • All undergarments must be covered at all times.
  • Clothing must not have inappropriate language or messages printed on them (including tobacco, alcohol, drug and/or suggestive messages, etc.).
  • Hats will NOT be worn by students or staff in the school building during the school day (From the bell for the students' first class through the dismissal bell at the end of the school day). Upon entering the building during these times, all hats are to be removed and placed in a secure place. Hats may be confiscated if worn in the building during these times.
  • Excessively baggy clothes, chains, trench coats, sunglasses, or other clothing or items deemed to be inappropriate by administration will NOT be allowed.

Students will be asked to change their clothes immediately if not within the above guidelines. Suspension may result if consistent violation of the above expectations occurs. Clothing for extra-curricular activities may be deemed appropriate for that activity even though it does not meet the above standards (i.e., forma dance clothing, game uniforms, etc.)

If the student's dress or grooming is objectionable under these provisions, the principal shall request the student to make appropriate corrections. If the student refuses, the principal shall notify the parent, if reasonably possible, and request that person to make the necessary correction. If both the student and parent refuse, the principal shall take appropriate disciplinary action. Students may be suspended, if circumstances so warrant. Students who violate provisions of the dress code relating to extracurricular activities may be removed or excluded from the extracurricular activity for such period as the principal may determine. All students shall be accorded due process safeguards before any corrective action may be taken.

Students identified as being gang involved, influenced or affiliated shall be provided assistance and/or programs which discourage gang involvement or affiliation, enhance self-esteem, encourage interest and participation in school or other positive activities and promote membership in authorized school organizations.



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