SJE Board Policy 3531 - Students

Senior Trip


From the date of approval of this policy, any member of the Senior Class who is in violation of District or School policies, regulations, or rules, may be denied the right to attend the Senior Trip that has been authorized by the Board for their graduating class.

The Senior Trip shall not include more than one overnight stay and one school day.

Only graduating seniors should participate in the senior field trip. The cost of lodging, per diem and mandatory group activities shall be paid for out of funds raised by the class during their four years of high school.

Any funds designated for individual recreation or entertainment shall be disbursed according to the number of semesters each student attended St. John-Endicott High School during his/her four years of high school. Disbursement of funds shall be calculated by giving a student 1 share for each semester attended with a maximum of 8 shares possible.



Adoption Date: 2/27/01

St. John - Endicott Cooperative Schools