SJE Board Policy 3423 - Students

Suicide Awareness and Prevention


The board recognizes the increasing rate of self-destructive behavior and how physical and mental well-being relates to academic achievement. A student who experiences depression does not benefit fully from the educational program of the school. Moreover, a student who threatens or attempts suicide poses a danger both to self and possibly to others.

Because the entire staff, as well as the students, can benefit from and contribute toward the prevention of adolescent suicide, the board directs the superintendent to develop and implement a comprehensive suicide awareness and prevention program. The program that is developed should help the school staff, parents and students to:

A. understand the developmental stages of adolescence and the causes of suicide;

B. recognize the early warning signs of suicide;

C. learn how to help in a suicidal crisis;

D. identify community resources and procedures that can help a suicidal person;

E. address the repercussions of such a tragedy.

In incidents of potential self-destructive behavior the student’s parent(s) or guardian shall be notified immediately and their cooperation shall be sought for immediate intervention. If the parent or guardian is unwilling to cooperate, the school administration shall contact appropriate agencies to request intervention on the student’s behalf. In cases of child abuse or neglect, school staff are required to contact child protective services.

The Board directs the superintendent to develop procedures to implement this policy and insure their dissemination to staff, students and parents.

Cross References:

Board Policy 2167 — Drug and Alcohol Use/Abuse

3421 — Child Abuse and Neglect

4100 — Confidential Information

Legal References:

RCW9A.36.060 Promoting a Suicide Attempt


Adoption Date: 2/27/01

St. John — Endicott Cooperative Schools