SJE Board Policy 3240 - Students

Student Conduct


The board acknowledges that conduct and behavior is closely associated to learning. An effective instructional program requires a wholesome and orderly school environment. The board requires that each student adhere to the rules of conduct and submit to corrective action taken as a result of conduct violations. The rules of conduct are applicable during the school day as well as during any school activity conducted on or off campus. Special rules are also applicable while riding on a school bus.

Students are expected to:

A. Conform to reasonable standards of acceptable behavior;

B. Respect the rights, person and property of others;

C. Preserve the degree of order necessary for a positive climate for learning; and

D. Submit to the authority of staff and respond accordingly.

The superintendent shall develop written rules of conduct which will carry out the intent of the board.


Cross References:

(cf. 6605 Student Conduct on Buses)

Legal References:

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Adoption Date: 2/27/01

St. John - Endicott Cooperative Schools