SJE Board Policy 3215 - Students


Hazing Policy

Hazing or harassment of students or student athletes is specifically prohibited. Hazing, usually is a form of initiation, and is defined as any practice (even "harmless fun," "bonding," "practical," etc.) whereby one part of a group is made or "asked" to do anything that the remaining part of the group is exempt from doing by virtue of seniority or other "privileged" status.

Because hazing often undermines group morale, spirit, and unity as well as often leads to personal hurt and degradation, the schools will not permit it in any form and will take disciplinary action against individuals and/or groups (teams, clubs, classes, etc.) that haze. The severity of the school discipline may range from verbal censure to dismissal in the case of groups. The school response to a hazing incident will be determined by the principal, and in the case of teams, the Athletic Director. Additional punishment such as revocation of captainship, removal from office, paying for physical damages, making public apology, or restriction/elimination from future participation may also be imposed at the group level.

The superintendent shall develop procedures that further define the districts' hazing policy to include definitions and reporting of hazing. Because the full knowledge and cooperation of students and parents are necessary for the ultimate success of this policy, information regarding this policy shall be included in student and parent handbooks.



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Adoption Date: 7-28-03

St. John-Endicott Cooperative Schools