SJE Board Policy 3120 - Students






The superintendent will develop procedures for enrolling students, recording attendance behavior, and counseling and correcting students with attendance problems. When enrolling a student who has attended school in another school district, the parent and student will be required to briefly indicate in writing whether or not the student has:


  1. Any history of placement in a special education program;
  1. Any past, current or pending disciplinary actions;
  1. Any history of violent behavior or convictions;
  1. Adjudications or diversion agreements related to a violent offense, a sex offense, inhaling toxic fumes, a drug offense, a liquor violation, assault, kidnapping, harassment, stalking or arson;
  1. Any unpaid fines or fees from other schools; and
  1. Any health conditions affecting the studentŐs educational needs.


If the district receives information that a student has a history of disciplinary actions, criminal or violent behavior, or other behavior that indicates the student could be a threat to the safety of staff or students, the studentŐs teachers and building security personnel will be informed.


A district may require students or their parents to provide proof of residency within the district, such as copies of phone and water bills or lease agreements. The school district will not require proof of residency or any other information regarding an address for any student who is eligible by reason of age for the services of the district if the student does not have a legal residence. A district will not inquire into a studentŐs citizenship or immigration status or that of his/her parents or guardians. The request for enrollment may be made by the student, parent or guardian.


Since accurate enrollment and attendance records are essential both to obtain state financial reimbursement and to fulfill the district's responsibilities under the attendance laws, the district will be diligent in maintaining such records.




Cross References:

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Management Resources:

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Adoption Date:   3-23-15

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