SJE Board Policy 2420 — Instruction

Administrative Procedure

Grading and Progress Reports


The grade point averages for grades 9-12 shall be calculated in the following manner:

A.         Each student's "grade point average" shall be the sum of the point values, of all the marks/grades received for all courses attempted divided by the sum of the credits for all courses attempted. The grade point value shall be calculated by multiplying the numerical value of the mark/grade earned by the number of credits assigned to the course.

B.         The numerical value of grades are:

            1. A = 4.0          7.        C          =          2.0

            2. A- = 3.7         8.        C-         =          1.7

            3. B+ = 3.3        9.        D+        =          1.3

            4. B = 3.0          10.        D          =          1.0

            5. B- = 2.7         11.        F          =          0.0

            6. C+ = 2.3

The minimal passing mark/grade is D = 1.0. Pass/fail, credit/no credit, and satisfactory/unsatisfactory marks may also be used. These non-numerical marks/grades shall be clearly identified and excluded from the calculation of grade point average.

C.         Marks/grades for all courses taken shall be included in the calculation of grade point averages. Grade point averages shall be calculated to two decimal places and reported for each trimester/semester or other term and for the cumulative credits earned for all courses attempted in high school.

The standardized high school transcript shall contain:

A.         The student's name (last name, first name, and middle names or middle initials);

B.         The student's current address, address at graduation, or address at withdrawal from school (street, city, state, zip code);

C.         The student's birth date and sex;

D.         The student's identification number (if applicable);

E.         The school's name;

F.         The school's address (street, city, state zip code, and telephone number);

G.         The dates of the student's entry, reentry, withdrawal, and graduation (if applicable) related to the school issuing the transcript;

H.         The student's academic history for high school (grade level and date of course completion, course titles, marks/grades earned, credits attempted, and grade point average);

I.          The name and address of parent(s) or guardian(s) (street, city, state, zip code) if such information is available;

J.          A list of previous high schools attended (school name, address, city, state, and month and year of entrance and exit); and

K.         The signature and/or seal of the authorized school official (name, title, and date).


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