SJE Board Policy 2320 — Instruction

Administrative Procedure

Field Trips, Excursions, and Outdoor Education


Field trips are defined as travel away from school premises, under the supervision of a teacher, with an approved course of study, for the purpose of affording students a direct learning experience not available in the classroom. The transportation costs for all such field trips conducted during school hours shall be borne by the districts. The following procedures shall apply:

Field Trips

A. The staff member shall submit a completed field trip request form to the principal at least two weeks prior to the field trip.

B. The staff member shall contact the site to make specific arrangements for the field trip so that the desired activity can be coordinated with the classroom studies.

C. The staff member shall be responsible for securing additional adult supervision for the trip (one adult to a maximum of ten students).

D. If private vehicles are used, field trip forms shall be completed which acknowledge the name of the driver of each vehicle to be used. The principal will contact the district office to determine if the district's liability insurance coverage will protect the driver.

E. Each student participating in a field trip must first return a permission slip signed by his/her parent. Parents shall be informed if private vehicles are to be used for the field trip.

F. A letter of appreciation should be sent to the site host upon completion of the field trip.

Overnight Field Trips

A. The staff member must submit to the principal a written plan, including purpose, supervision, itinerary, cost, housing, and student costs (if any) at least two weeks prior to submission to the board.

B. After approval by the principal, the proposal should be submitted to the superintendent at least one week prior to the board meeting.

C. The staff member should attend the board meeting to answer any questions the board may have.

D. After approval by the board, a written description of the overnight field trip shall be sent to the parent. All such field trips are optional. Parent permission is required.



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