SJE Board Policy 2170 — Instruction

Vocational Education


The Cooperative shall provide a program of vocational education to assist students in the making of informal and meaningful occupational choices and to prepare students for enrollment in advanced or skilled vocational and technical education programs. Such programs shall be included as a part of the regular curriculum of the school. In order to maintain these programs, the board shall approve the content and organization of all vocational courses of study prior to the time plans are submitted to the state superintendent of public instruction. Vocational program development shall be related to employment demands, current and future, and to the needs and interests of students.

The board shall appoint representative citizens to serve on general and specialized vocational education advisory committees. Such committees shall advise staff on appropriate educational objectives, instructional content and levels of achievement.

The superintendent shall be responsible for developing procedures which shall insure that all programs are operated in conformity with the district's plans for vocational education. The superintendent shall seek and utilize all available state and federal sources of revenue for the financial support of vocational education in the districts.



Cross Reference:

(cf. 2171 School to Work)

Legal References:

20 USC 6111 et seq. Vocational education



Adoption Date: 3-26-01

St. John - Endicott Cooperative Schools