SJE Board Policy 2022 – Instruction


Electronic Information System (Networks)



The Board of Directors recognizes that the districts are using an electronic communications system (network) that allows unprecedented opportunities for students, staff and patrons to communicate, learn, access and publish information. The Board believes that the resources available through this network and the skills that students will develop in using it are of significant value in the learning process and student success in the future. These new opportunities also pose many new challenges including, but not limited to, access for all students, age-level appropriateness of material, security, and cost of maintaining ever more elaborate systems. The district will endeavor to ensure that these concerns are appropriately addressed, but cannot insure that problems will not arise.


By creating this network, the Board intends only to provide a means for educational activities and does not intend to create a first amendment forum for free expression purposes.  The district dedicates the property comprising the network, and grants access to it by users, only for the educational activities authorized under this policy and procedures and under the specific limitations contained therein.


The Board directs the Superintendent to provide training and procedures that encourage the widest possible access to electronic information systems and networks by students, staff and patrons while establishing reasonable controls for the lawful, efficient and appropriate use and  management of the system.



Cross References:

(cf. 2020   Curriculum Development and Adoption of Instructional Materials)

(cf. 2025   Copyright Compliance)

(cf. 3300   Corrective Actions or Punishment)

(cf. 5255   Disciplinary Action and Discharge)


Management Resources:

PNA 9808.02  Permission required to review e-mail




Adoption Date:  5-23-11

St. John - Endicott Cooperative Schools