SJE Board Policy 1420 - Board of Directors


Proposed Agenda And Consent Agenda


The board secretary shall be responsible for preparing the proposed agenda for each meeting, in accordance with the chair/president. Copies of the proposed agenda, minutes of the previous meeting and relevant supplementary information will be delivered to each board member at least three (3) days in advance of the meeting and will be available to any interested citizen at the superintendent's office twenty-four (24) hours prior to the meeting.


Consent Agenda


To expedite business at a school board meeting, the board approves the use of a consent agenda which includes those items considered to be routine in nature. The consent agenda will appear on the regular agenda following the Approval of minutes of the previous meeting(s).


Any item which appears on the consent agenda may be removed from the consent agenda by a member of the board. The remaining items will be voted on by a single motion. The approved motion will be recorded in the minutes, including a listing of all items appearing on the consent agenda.


Cross References:

(cf. 6020 - System of Funds and Accounts)

(cf. 6215 - Voucher Certification and Approval)




Adoption Date:  5-28-08

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