SJE Board Policy 1240 - Board of Directors


Audit of Expenditures


At each regular meeting the board shall approve all bills and payroll after confirmation by the superintendent that all vouchers represent true and just claims and are in accord with the annual budget.  At each meeting at which payments have been approved, all board members and the superintendent shall sign the certificate authorizing the county treasurer to pay the warrants for approved expenditures.  The certificate shall specify the date, number, name and amount and fund on which each warrant is to be drawn, and the certificate shall be transmitted promptly to the county treasurer


All accounts shall be externally audited in the manner provided by law.


Legal Reference:

RCW 28A.330.230     Drawing and issuance of warrants

RCW 28A.350.040     Auditor to draw and issue warrants—Second-class districts



Adoption Date:  5-28-08

St. John - Endicott Cooperative Schools