SJE Board Policy 1230 - Board of Directors




The superintendent as board secretary shall be responsible to ensure the following is completed:


A.            Maintaining an accurate and complete record of all board proceedings;


B.             Taking charge of the board's books and documents;



C.             Drawing and signing all warrants authorized by the board;


D.            Sending out notices of meetings and other relevant communications to board members and the public;


E.         Preparing agendas and supplementary documents as authorized by the board;


E.             Submitting required reports to the educational service district and to state and national agencies;


G.            Authorizing the investment of district surplus funds by the county treasurer; and


H.            Carrying out other duties as directed by the board and required by law.


Authorization of Signatures


For the conduct of the business of the district as stated above, the superintendent may grant authority to specific staff to sign certain documents in behalf of the district.


The Board of Directors also authorizes the use of a signature stamp for the Superintendent.  This stamp will be kept by the Superintendent and used at his/her discretion.



Legal Reference:

RCW 28A.400.030  Superintendent's duties


Adoption Date:  5-28-08

St. John - Endicott Cooperative Schools