SJE Board Policy 1105 - Board of Directors


Director District Boundaries


It is the responsibility of both Board of Directors to establish the boundaries of the internal director districts of the school district, and to redistrict the director districts as necessary.


The Board of Directors, with the assistance of the administration, the ESD and the State Redistricting Commission, shall develop a plan of proposed director districts within eight months of any of the following events:


1.         Receipt of federal decennial census data;

2.         Consolidation of the district with one or more other districts;

3.         Transfer of territory to or from the district;

4.         Annexation of territory to or from the district; or

5.         Approval by a majority of the district's voters of a proposal to divide the district into director districts.


The plan of proposed director districts shall meet the following criteria:


1.         The districts shall be as nearly as possible equal in population;

2.         The districts shall be as compact as possible and consist of geographically contiguous area;

3.         The districts shall not favor or disfavor any racial group or political party; and

4.         The districts shall as much as possible coincide with natural boundaries and existing communities


At least one week before the Board of Directors considers adoption of the plan of director districts, the Board shall hold a public hearing on the plan.


Within thirty days of adoption of the plan of director districts the legal descriptions and maps depicting the director districts shall be submitted to the county auditor. If the plan is submitted after the fourth Monday in June of an odd-numbered year, the plan will not take effect until the following year.


Any registered voter in the district may challenge the plan within 45 days of the plan's adoption by requesting that the superior court review the plan for compliance with the four criteria listed above.



Legal References:

RCW 29.70.100  Redistricting by counties, municipal corporations, and special purpose districts

RCW 28A.343.030 Directors' districts in certain school districts--Election to authorize division in school districts not already divided into director districts

RCW 28A.343.030 School District Director Districts




Adoption Date:  5-28-08

St. John - Endicott Cooperative Schools